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Believing it should be every women’s own decision when and how to feel beautiful - without being told to wear make up or to be put under pressure by "beauty standards" - Nø Cosmetics is a clean, cruelty-free and vegan, family owned G-Beauty-concept with a consumer-friendly price tag. Disliking beauty products that are greenwashing and making fake promises, our products never “wear” any makeup. They are honestly beautiful right to the core. The use of botanic and marine ingredients as pure natural oils, kale, portulaca, seaweed or phytoplancton is part of our soul. But since we saw many people suffering from skin irritations when using cosmetics our major goal is calm and happiness. Calm for your skin and happiness for the planet. Therefore our formulas follow the "Clean Beauty" approach. We look for the highest tolerable ingredients and pack everything as neutral as possible but still play it safe. All products are regionally made in a small factory in the beautiful lower-rhine-area of Germany and are packed by handicapped people in a sheltered workshop. But - call it "German thoroughness" if you like - the production is nevertheless not only ISO 9001-certified, but is also capable to produce medical products under ISO 13485. The brand was established in 2018 and is already very successful in Germany. We are currently spreading to the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and France. We love to see our brand in small, self-owned shops, where we love to shop ourselves
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